Healthy Life Planner - 2nd Edition Launch!


Hi everyone!

I hope you were able to remain as healthy as possible this past year. I know how difficult it has been for all of us, and I am hopeful that we are all heading towards better days ahead.

It made me very happy to have received so much positive feedback from many of you regarding the very first edition of the Healthy Life Planner. I am so excited to introduce you to the new and improved second edition.

While designing this year’s Healthy Life Planner, I made sure to keep your requests in mind. This new edition has an upgraded layout and additional tools to make it even easier to manage your health.

This new compact 6-month planner allows you to write in the dates. This way you can start using the Healthy Life Planner anytime of the year. There is additional space to keep track of your medical notes throughout the planner. I designed each day to have a larger space to write down each meal, and also added room to log your medicine intake as well as your sleep, which is a significant element of tracking one’s health. Each day now also has space to write down what you are grateful for because I believe that a positive mindset is important for one’s mental health. You will also find additional helpful changes throughout the planner such as more doctor visit logs and layout updates.


I have really enjoyed connecting with so many of you via social media. I have appreciated those who have shared their medical story with me, given me feedback, and just overall getting to know you. I look forward to getting to know even more of you in the years to come, and ideally build a community where we all feel safe opening up about our medical challenges while connecting with others.

Thank you for supporting my small business. I hope that you will love this new Healthy Life Planner, and that it will become a great resource that helps you with your health issues as it has for me.

With gratitude,

Brea Weinstein



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