Living With Multiple Illnesses at a Young Age - Sophia's Story

For this week's Blog, one of my favorite chronic illness warriors that I follow, Sophia, shares her story with us about being diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with 9 other chronic illnesses at the age of 17. 2020 has been a rough year for most of us, but an especially hard year for Sophia, since she was diagnosed with 9 chronic illnesses this year alone! I am blown away by Sophia and her capability to face all of her medical challenges. Especially during a pandemic! To read more about her journey, and learn more about her illnesses, check out her blog at



Tell me a bit about yourself: 

Hi everyone! My name is Sophia and I am a chronic illness warrior!!


What is the name of your condition?

I have fibromyalgia, AMPS, chronic migraines, chronic daily headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, scoliosis, TMJ disorder, jawbone growth disorder, familial dysautonomia, and occipital neuralgia.


At what age were you diagnosed, and how did you handle getting the news?

I was diagnosed with scoliosis, in 2018, when I was 15. I was diagnosed with the rest of my illnesses in 2020. At first I was relieved to have an answer, but I was soon scared to see how my life would change.



How has it affected your life?

Ever since I got sick, my friends and family stood right by my side through it all. Every day is different in how I feel. I spend countless hours in the hospital every single week.



How has living with your illness made you a stronger person?

I’m not sure I can say that being chronically ill has made me stronger. It sure has shown me how strong I’ve always been, and how far I can go until my breaking point.


What have you learned from living with your illness?

I’ve learned how much a community can help you through the dark times, and how the best days are really coming.


Did living with your condition inspire you to start a blog or a business?

Yes it did!! I started my Instagram a month before my scoliosis surgery and I started a blog back in March!


Tell us about your business and where people can find you.

I started a blog to share the good and the bad of being chronically ill. You can find my Instagram here and my blog here!


How will the Healthy Life Planner help you manage your illness in 2021?

The Healthy Life Planner will help me keep track of my own symptoms and give my doctor answers as to how I have been feeling. It will also help keep track of medications and take notes during appointments!


Do you have any words of advise for others going through the same thing as you?

Embrace your differences! We were not created to be the same as everyone else. Embrace your mobility aid. Embrace your feeding tube or picc. Embrace it all!



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