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This is not your typical planner. I created this planner to help people with chronic health conditions and for those who struggle with their mental health. Each day has an area to track one’s emotional and pain scale, their daily symptoms, as well as keep track of all their medical related information. I had the idea to create this planner because I began to find it difficult to keep track of my own symptoms and give my doctor accurate answers as to how I have been feeling. I am confident that theHealthy Life Planner will be helpful to anyone who struggles from a medical condition. I think it is more important now than ever to check in with ourselves daily to see how we are feeling. In addition to being a planner, it is also a journal containing pages to write down your thoughts, has writing prompts, and areas that focus on mantras and gratitude. This yearly planner is not only for helping you stay on top of your health, but can also be used for planning out your schedule and activities throughout the year.

Take control of your health

~ Healthy Life Planner ~


👉Product Overview: This is not your typical yearly planner. It is specifically designed to help you record your chronic and/or mental health condition and keep track of all your important medical information and daily symptoms.

✨A fun unique design, using colors that calm your mind. Visually soothing and extremely functional.

📒This planner includes pages to write down notes from doctor appointments, hospital visits, medications, blood work, and more!

😄😢Every day has a pain and emotional scale to track how you are feeling day to day. It also includes space to write down your symptoms, medication intake, and/or daily activities that you have planned.

🍽Each week includes an area to log what you are eating for each meal to help you pinpoint if what you are eating correlates with any of your symptoms.

📝Every month starts with an inspirational quote and an area to write down your goals for the month. Each month ends with pages for journaling your thoughts.

🖊Writing prompts placed sporadically throughout the planner.

🔖Every purchase includes a free matching bookmark!

♻️Eco-Friendly! The paper is made out of 30% recycled post consumer waste and the ink is made from recycled plastic.

🔷Cover pages are 6.75” x 9” and inside pages are 6.5” x 9”. Black wire-o binding.

👩‍💻Female owned business.

🤝A percentage from each purchase is being donated to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

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